Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mazzia for Judge mailer

The other day, I received in the mail a large postcard-type mailer from the Chris Mazzia for Judge 2010 campaign. Chris Mazzia is running for the open Office #3 spot in the Sonoma County Superior Court. (No, that was not a hidden ad for OpenOffice, which I do not use anyway.) The other candidate in the race is Jamie Thistlethwaite, who wisely used only her first name in the URL of her campaign site. One side of the mailer pro-Mazzia. The other side is anti-Thistlethwaite. In large letters, it says, "Don't Take Thistlethwaite's Bait" and "Jamie Thistlethwaite is trying to lure your vote." Above is a picture of a fishing lure disguised as a small fish. Below are the words "Her Real Record?" followed by three "Claims" made about Thistlethwaite's campaign and the "Truth."

The first of these is rather bizarre. It says:
Claims: She is a "Criminal Law Attorney"
Truth: She is a Criminal Defense Attorney

Huh? The last I heard, a criminal law attorney was someone who practices criminal law. And it does seem that a criminal defense attorney practices criminal law. What other type of law would a criminal defense attorney practice?

It is true that Thistlethwaite did not specify that she is a defense attorney in the title she chose to appear below her name on the ballot. But she also did not in any way misrepresent herself in the title. I have no problem with Chris Mazzia pointing out that his opponent is a defense attorney. She even mentions on her websit that she worked in the Sonoma County Public Defender's office for ten years before going into private law practice. But I do not see why Mazzia needed to imply that she was misrepresenting herself in her ballot title.

Incidentally, I have been leaning toward voting for Mazzia. So I am not just trying to promote Thistlethwaite's campaign.

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