Sunday, May 23, 2010

Worried that DeVore wouldn't beat Boxer?

Following is an edited version of a response I wrote today to someone who is reluctant to support Chuck DeVore in California's Republican U.S. Senate primary out of fear that should he win the primary he wouldn't be able to beat Senator Barbara Boxer.

. . . I thought I might write a response to your concerns. Take a look at DeVore's polling results against Boxer. Then take a look at the results of Fiorina/Boxer and Campbell/Boxer polls directly above. You will see that DeVore did not do a whole lot worse then the other two candidates did against Boxer.

I do understand what your concern is, and it is true that there are some moderates who would vote for Campbell but who wouldn't vote for DeVore. And there are probably a few voters who would vote for Fiorina but who wouldn't vote for DeVore. But there are also people who would enthusiastically vote for DeVore but who wouldn't be as excited about Campbell because of his socially liberal positions. And it appears that Fiorina has a bit of baggage from her career at HP that might not work in her favor in a race against Boxer. See this CNBC feature on "The Worst American CEOs of all time." Carly Fiorina makes the list.

I am voting for DeVore because I believe that he is the best candidate. In addition to being committed to fiscally responsible governance, he is pro-life and has conservative positions on other social issues. He also has a voting record to show how he actually votes on these types of issues. Having never held public office, Fiorina does not have this record. And Campbell does not even claim to be a social conservative.

But not only do I believe DeVore to be the best candidate, I also believe that he is able to beat Boxer. Most of the polls in the link above were designed by professional statisticians. Statistics is a reliable science, and I think the polls are a pretty accurate representation of how people would have voted on the days the polls were conducted. True, DeVore was not shown to be ahead of Boxer, but neither were either of the other candidates in most of the polls. And in the time between now and November 2, I think DeVore will be able to make up the ground.

Finally, Chuck DeVore is a charismatic conservative who has a great record and who I believe will excite the conservative base in a way that neither Fiorina nor Campbell would.

Please give DeVore another thought. I hope you will consider supporting him and giving him your vote.


  1. I saw a video of DeVore's background. Quite impressive. I'd certainly feel comfortable with him as my senator. I hope someone begins to point out how Boxer is bought by so many special interests. Actually I think iCaucus has. She is an embarrassment to CA.

  2. It will be great if DeVore can win the primary and then beat Boxer in November. I also think he is a very trustworthy person.
    Thanks for commenting.

  3. It's interesting that both Campbell and Fiorina are running as conservatives in the primary when DeVore is really the only true conservative. The Republican Party should provide a clear choice in November and will lose much enthusiasm if Campbell or Fiorina gets the nomination.