Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Santiago, Chile with SJYS (6-24-09)

Today SJYS got to Santiago, Chile. We flew through Dallas and arrived here around 8 am or so. When we were on the plane, the temperature was apparently below freezing since it is winter here in the Southern Hemisphere. Later on, it warmed up. In fact, later in the afternoon, it actually felt like it might feel in my part of California sometimes. After we left the airport, we went on our buses (three buses in total) and toured the city. We got out a few times to see the sites.

SJYS people in the airport afer going through customs and before boarding the buses.

This is the Precolumbian Museum, where they have art.

Me with a statue in the museum.

Me with a police officer in Santiago who is in this case a guard. He is guarding the building behind him.

Video of the hotel. Click to watch it.


  1. Nice pictures! Thanks for writing about it. The video didn't work though.

    I hope you have a good trip!